Release Roadmap: From Prologue to The Grand Finale


The excitement is brewing as we are getting closer to the release of the first prologue of Unsung Empires: The Cholas on January 15th, 2024. We would like to include you in the road map of what's going to come and what you can expect from our studio in our upcoming game.

The game will be split into three parts. First up, Prologue One draws you in with an exciting storyline and ends with a gripping cliffhanger. Then, prologue Two takes the storyline forward, introducing a new dimension of action-packed quest. Finally, in the grand finale, you will experience an epic level of intense gameplay and a whole new twist in the storyline that hasn't been revealed yet.

Prologue 1

In the first prologue, releasing on January 15th, 2024, you will take on the role of one of the greatest Tamil emperors of South India, Rajendra Chola, who has successfully expanded trade in the Srivijaya kingdom until Sangrama’s men stop the trade and seize the port of Mataram out of jealousy for the Chola dynasty. Now, your mission is to confront this issue and gear up for a showdown. Your journey will include battling your way through Srivijaya undercover and helping Mawiza from the guards who captured her. You will experience the rich cultures of both Tamil Nadu and the Srivijaya kingdom, which is currently Indonesia.

Prologue 2

Building upon the foundation laid in the first prologue, the second prologue will be released shortly in March 2024, where things reach a whole new level. Here, as Rajendra Chola, you'll take matters into your own hands, marching with a massive naval fleet into Srivijaya to take down Sangrama. The gameplay will advance through different environments, where you will unravel more mysteries and face new challenges.

Main Game

We've got something special cooked up for you in the main game. It'll unfold over 10 chapters, where each fight is carefully choreographed, making every swing and swordplay feel more powerful and intense. Each chapter will make you go, “Just one more chapter!”

Note to Audience

Your feedback is our secret sauce. We're all about your thoughts and ideas throughout the game's journey. Your input shapes this epic adventure. Keep those ideas flowing; let's create gaming magic together!


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