We just wrapped up an incredible time at Gamescom Latam 2024, and we can’t wait to share this experience with you guys! The event ran for 5 days (June 26th to 30th), and it was amazing. We had a fantastic time presenting our game, “Unsung Empires: The Cholas II – Legacy of Rajendra Cho

Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 15th May,2024 –Ayelet studio announces its new in house Mocap studio called Ayelet Lab based in Chennai, is specially set up to enhance the realism of their upcoming game "Unsung Empires: The Cholas II - Legacy of Rajendra Chola, bringing the rich history and dynamic world

History behind the game The great Chola dynasty ruled for 1500 years and asserted supremacy in southern part of India. Raja Raja Chola, who was known to be one of the most powerful kings. His dynasty has managed to establish powerful and disciplined governance and contributed a lot to the Tamil lite

Our Fan Kit is now up for grabs! you can find bunch of cool stuff that you can use to level up your fan sites, blogs, social media pages, or even just your desktop background. This kit includes the following: Mobile  Wallpapers PC Wallpapers Posters  Logos Download your fan kit here: 

In Sangrama’s palace, there’s a special room where you’ll find something truly unique – his own music room with a gamelan. This isn’t just any music; it’s a traditional Indonesian ensemble of instruments that brings peace to Sangrama’s busy life as a king. Sangr

General Information Note: If you run into any issues while playing Unsung Empires: The Cholas prologue, please do ping us on discord or other social media platforms. What platforms is “Unsung Empires: The Cholas” prologue available on? Unsung Empires: The Cholas is available digitally only for P

The love that has been shown towards “Unsung Empires: The Cholas” has been very overwhelming. Prologue 1 was our training ground. As an indie studio, the release of our first game was quite a special experience for us, and you all have played a major part in making our dream of releasing a story

We were invited to Umagine 2024 at the Chennai Trade Centre on the 23rd and 24th, and it was quite the ride! DAY 1 We set up our booth at the AVGC gaming experience pavilion, which was coordinated by ELCOT, On the first day we managed to grab the attention of the crowd who were […]