Solution For The Puzzle ” Infiltrate The Palace” And “Find a Way To Open The Door”

The puzzle is a 6-letter word in Tamil. Each block in the puzzle will have only one respective switch to rotate it.  

Find the answers from each clue. use every letter in the answers and jumble it to form a sensible word to solve the puzzle.  

Note: The clues aren’t given in an orderly way. 


Clue 1:  The First letter of the Tamil language 

(தமிழில் முதல் எழுத்து )

Answer: அ (A)


The vowels in Tamil grammar are called “உயிர் எழுத்து” (uyir ezhuthu) with the first letter being “அ”

Clue 2: The Most cunning Animal 

(மிகவும் தந்திரமான விலங்கு) 

Answer: நரி (fox) 

Foxes are known to be cunning and the cleverest in the forest. They can outsmart any animal.

Clue 3: The epitome of love 

(அன்பின் உருவகம்) 

Answer: அம்மா (mother)  

The first love ever known to mankind is the love of their mother.

Clue 4: Split 


Answer: பிரி (divide) 

Splitting one object into multiple little objects is called “division.” It’s like breaking something big into smaller pieces for better understanding or use.


Jumbling each of these letters the puzzle should spell out: அரிமாநம்பி meaning Lion-like man”  

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