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General Information

Note: If you run into any issues while playing Unsung Empires: The Cholas prologue, please do ping us on discord or other social media platforms.

What platforms is “Unsung Empires: The Cholas” prologue available on?

Unsung Empires: The Cholas is available digitally only for PC on steam and Epic Games

What languages and localization does “Unsung Empires: The Cholas” prologue support?

Voice over:  

The voice-over is exclusively available in Tamil only. 


The subtitles are available only in English. 

Is the game based on books or is this an original idea?

The storyline is based on historic accuracy and facts with a little bit of fiction written by the writers.

What is the story of “Unsung Empires: The Cholas” prologue?

After ascending the throne of his father, Rajaraja Chola, Rajendra Chola sets out on a mission to establish trade routes far and wide. He succeeds in creating a vast naval fleet. However, problems arise when the king of Srivijaya, Sangrama, orders to close all trade routes for Chola’s naval fleet. In Prologue 1, you will witness Chola’s journey to Srivijaya undercover, as he fights his way to uncover the truth behind the situation. Your main mission is to reach the top of the mountain and strategically set up a camp. You will come across various enemies who will try to block you, make sure to overcome such obstacles.

Prologue 2 continues the journey of Rajendra Chola in Srivijaya. This serves as the finale where you will face the epic showdown with the main boss.

What kind of game is “Unsung Empires: The Cholas” prologue

Unsung Empires: The Cholas is an action adventure, rooted in the history of the Chola kingdom with some fictional elements.

When is the prologue finale releasing?

Prologue finale is releasing on 16th March 2024.

Where can I listen to the soundtrack album?

The soundtrack album will be published across various platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube Music, Amazon Music. The title track “Sagas of Unsung heroes" has already been published on these platforms.

Technical Information

What game engine is running on “Unsung Empires: The Cholas” prologue?

Unreal engine 5.3.

What are the download sizes of “Unsung Empires: The Cholas” prologue?

Expect a download size of around 25 GB.

Does “Unsung Empires: The Cholas” Prologue support FSR2 and DLSS?

Yes. It supports both.

Does it support controller?

Yes, the game will be having the controller support.

Does it support console?

No, the prologue won't have console support. However, you can install it for PC on steam and Epic Games.

Will it be available for MAC OS?

No. The game wont be available for MAC OS

What is the total gameplay duration?

The gameplay duration is around 1.5 hours.

What are the PC minimum / recommended specs for “Unsung Empires: The Cholas” prologue ?


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