Announcing In-House MoCap Studio – Ayelet Labs

Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 15th May, 2024 – Ayelet Studio announces its new in-house mocap studio called Ayelet Lab based in Chennai, specially set up to enhance the realism of their upcoming game “Unsung Empires: The Cholas II – Legacy of Rajendra Chola,” bringing the rich history and dynamic world of Rajendra Chola to life like never before.

Ayelet Labs is fully equipped with OptiTrack’s PrimeX 13 cameras, which capture around 1,000 sq ft and can track up to two bodies with accurate finger tracking and facial expression capturing, enabling full-body motion tracking to ensure high-quality motion capture results. This setup guarantees precision in movements and animations for the game.


“Having a huge project ‘UETC II Legacy of Rajendra Chola’ in development, it’s crucial to use high-end technology to create cinematic animation and authentic combat movessays Abraham K, Creative Director & Studio Head, Ayelet Studio

Setting up the studio will provide them with the freedom to experiment with authentic indian combat styles using diverse weaponry and animate various things efficiently and open a realm of new possibilities for the game.  

 “We are excited to open Ayelet Labs to aspiring studios and artists ready to bring their visions to life.” – Abraham K 

About Ayelet Studio 

Ayelet Studio is an indie game studio based in Chennai, India. with a team of passionate individuals committed to delivering games with captivating, narrative-driven storytelling and unique adventures that redefine the gaming experience. They are known for their enthusiasm for constantly experimenting with new gameplay mechanics to create engaging and innovative games. Ayelet Studio was created to challenge the limits of the gaming industry and make games that will be remembered for years to come. 

About Ayelet Labs 

Ayelet Labs is a motion capture studio based in Chennai, it was established as part of Ayelet Studio’s commitment to bringing the highest quality gaming experiences to our audience. We offer a full range of motion capture services, including full-body performance capture, facial capture, hand and finger capture, prop and object tracking, and data cleanup and processing. Our services are suitable for various projects such as video games, films, TV shows, and commercials. 

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