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History behind the game

The great Chola dynasty ruled for 1500 years and asserted supremacy in southern part of India. Raja Raja Chola, who was known to be one of the most powerful kings. His dynasty has managed to establish powerful and disciplined governance and contributed a lot to the Tamil literature.

However, after the death of the king, his son Rajendra Chola took over the kingdom in 1014. He was a warrior and managed to take control over the sea routes that led to expansion of trade.

But as Sangrama the King of Srivijaya was very jealous of his achievements and he decided to block all the trade routes via Srivijaya. Now it's Rajendra Chola’s duty to reclaim what's his and remind Sangrama why the Cholas have been sung about in hymns.

Character lore:

Chola - Rajendra Chola took over the kingdom at a very young age. He comes from a dynasty who's known to be the people’s king. They go to any extent to provide justice to the people of their kingdom. He managed to conquer huge parts of south Asia with his tactics and war strategy.

Sangrama - Sangrama, the king of Srivijaya from the Sailendra dynasty, loves his kingdom deeply. However, he rules with an iron fist. He believes that asserting dominance and strictness will ensure people's obedience, leading to prosperity. He has captured many ports and routes. Fear is his weapon; His people obey him only out of dread. Despite this, his daughter Mawiza isn't scared of him; she believes in the power of the people.

Mawiza – The only daughter of King Sangrama, she is fearless and fierce, she despises the way Sangrama governs the kingdom and has taken to creating riots and protests to advocate for the people's betterment. She fights for justice, even at the risk of her own safety. But she's not just tough—she's kind, too. She cares about people's problems and tries to help them. She stands with them in their fight for freedom, showing them they're not alone. Despite the bounty placed on her by her own father, she remains resolute in her determination to protect and uplift her community.

Guardian of Srivijaya – The guardian of Srivijaya is fiercely loyal to his kingdom. Once, King Sangrama saved him from a group of captors who were about to execute him. Sangrama provided shelter and protection, which made the guardian fond and committed to the king's safety. He would willingly sacrifice his life to defend him and his kingdom. Though he raised Princess Mawiza, he has issued a bounty on her life due to her role as a rebel leader and perceived threat to the kingdom. The guardian resides atop the mountain, safeguarding the kingdom of Srivijaya.

Protector of Srivijaya – spear man – Renowned to be one of the most skilled spearmen in Srivijaya. He has managed to have a little army of his own whom he trained by himself. He has a great ego, and he can defeat anyone with his skills. He was born on the outskirts of Srivijaya and ever since he was small, he trained harder on his skills and precision. With each battle he became stronger and more accurate with his swipes. One day while Sangrama was passing by the streets on his chariot, he spotted the spear man and was impressed by his talent, he had asked him to a friendly combat where Sangrama almost lost. He immediately took him in, made him have advanced training and appointed him as protector of Srivijaya

In-Game lore

Meditation shrine - In the kingdom ruled by King Sangrama, there's a quiet place called the Meditation Shrine. People talk about the shrine's history in different ways. Some say it was made by wise old people a long time ago. Others believe it was a gift from the gods to bring peace to the kingdom. But no matter where it came from, the Meditation Shrine is a special place. It's built with old stones and has deep carvings that depict stories about finding peace. People who go there feel calm and relaxed. They can sit quietly and think about things without any distractions. It's like taking a break from all the problems outside.

Buddhist statue - Buddhist statue in the cave hidden in the palace of Sangrama. Carved from stone by ancient hands, the statue arrived as a diplomatic gesture, by Kingdom of Kalinga. It is said to have key to ancient wisdom and whoever possesses it will attain enlightenment.

Gamelan – Sangrama’s palace has this special place where you can find Indonesian music’s pride. A music room with a gamelan. This ensemble of instruments brings peace to Sangrama's busy life as a king. As the ruler of Indonesia, Sangrama takes a lot of pride in keeping the old music and rituals alive. He sees them as important parts of his kingdom's history. When he's surrounded by the gentle sounds of the gamelan, he feels connected to his country in a special way.

Puzzle significance - Puzzle significance - In the game, there's this puzzle piece crafted by Sangrama. It's used to access the palace via a secret passage in a cave. Sangrama ordered an artist to create a tricky puzzle. When solved, the puzzle spells out "அரிமாநம்பி,” meaning "lion-like man." Sangrama wanted to showcase his bravery, so he chose this as the password. It's like a secret message, indicating that only the bravest could enter his palace.

Venghai vision - “Vengai’ meaning tiger is an ability given to chola that lets him see enemies and paths clearly, like a tiger hunting its prey. Chola has this special power, giving him an advantage in the game. It's like having the sharp eyes of a tiger to spot dangers and find the best way forward.


Chola army - Chola's army has followed their heritage for generations, with loyal service. They follow the order of Rajendra Chola and obey him without questioning him. They fight not just because they're told to, but because they believe in defending their people and their land. Even in tough times, they stand together with courage and pride.

Sangrama and his guards - Sangrama’s guards follow the King's orders without question. some fear him and some worship him. They are as ruthless as their king and hate people who don't obey them which is why they always find a way to catch the rebels. They are cruel to their people. They take things from poor merchants without paying and enjoy fancy.

Rebels - The rebels led by Mawiza are against how the kingdom is ruled by Sangrama. They've tried many ways to stop this, starting riots, but they always end up getting mistreated by the guards of Srivijaya. However, that still doesn't stop them.

Chola dynasty Relations with Srivijaya - Chola and Srivijaya had a very deep marine time trade relations ever since Parantaka chola ruled. While there were periods of cooperation and peaceful relations, there were also instances of conflict between Srivijaya and the Chola Dynasty. Both Srivijaya and the Chola Dynasty were influenced by Indian culture, particularly through the spread of Hinduism and Buddhism. Indian religious and architectural influences can be seen in the art, architecture, and inscriptions of Srivijaya.

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