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Welcome to the universe of “Unsung Empires: The Cholas’. Get ready to experience rich history, culture and adventure all merged into a single-player narrative-driven 3D action-adventure game.

Take on the role of Rajendra Chola and relive the Chola dynasty’s growth, focus on his military campaign against the Srivijaya Kingdom to restore equitable trade.

As Rajendra Chola, you will traverse mysterious forests, cities, caves, and wilderness, where you will have to overcome different challenges to advance through the game's story.

You will also have to engage in different combat styles like melee combat involving swords, ranged combat involving bow and arrow and implementing stealth tactics to overcome enemies and navigate through this world.


The prologue starts with you taking the role of Rajendra Chola for most of the game, a Tamil emperor of south India who succeeded his father Rajaraja Chola I and ascended to the throne in 1025C, marking the beginning of an incredible tale. The prologue follows his journey of overseas conquest, where the Chola Navy crossed the ocean and launched an attack on the Srivijaya kingdom of Sangrama Vijaya Tunga Varma, setting the stage for a captivating historical narrative.

Prologue Part 1 - Releasing on the 15th of January 2024, this chapter will set the stage for the main game, which will take you to a different time and place.

Prologue Part 2 - Building upon the foundation laid in Part One, the storyline progresses and will be releasing the next chapter - Part Two of the Prologue later in the same year. This is where things get more interesting! More mysteries, complex challenges and exciting plot twists will be unveiled in our new chapter.

Main Game – The grand finale where every swing and block will feel powerful and intense, giving you an exciting and memorable experience. We plan on releasing the final game around 2025.

Meet the key characters of the game:

Rajendra Chola, a visionary emperor seeking to secure his empire's trade and expand its influence.

Facing off against Rajendra Chola is Sangrama Vijayatungavarman, the ruler of Srivijaya, an antagonist whose tyrannical actions are a risk to the economic stability of Chola's empire.

Amidst this conflict is Mawiza, the rebellious daughter of Sangrama, whose loyalty wavers as her moral compass guides her. manipulated by her father's tyranny, she offers crucial strategic assistance to Rajendra Chola, despite her conflicted loyalties.


Now, after his father, Rajendra Chola took the reins. He was just 18 when he sailed off to Sri Vijaya, a coastal Indonesian kingdom, But things got tricky. Sangrama, the ruler there, put up quite a fight, he increased the taxes to resist the Cholas from using the trade port, and became nearly unbeatable.

This led to an epic showdown. Rajendra Chola gathered a massive naval fleet, heading for Kadaram, the heart of the conflict. It was a three-month journey by ship! The game will be split into two thrilling parts. The first will delve into Chola's strategic scouting, while the second will unravel the intense climax between Rajendra Chola and Sangrama.

Finally, the game will conclude back in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, after the Srivijaya War. It'll be a journey through the Chola's incredible rise and fall, their unique war strategies, and the rich tapestry of ancient Tamil culture and history.

world background

The game’s setting takes place in the Srivijaya kingdom, where you can experience vibrant and lush tropical environmental elements. While the gameplay is localized to Srivijaya on the surface there's this deep dive into Tamil culture, thanks to Rajendra Chola’s heritage shaping the game’s historical storyline.

Is everything happening in Srivijaya? Yeah, you can play it through the eyes of Chola’s dreams of glory, with all those personal and political twists of the time and then, Mawiza steps in, adding this whole new layer to the tale, giving you an inside scoop on the kingdom's dynamics. It's like peeking into history through different keyholes.


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