Rajendra chola I – Character Spotlight

Introduction and Legacy

Introducing Rajendra Chola, a young monarch of just eighteen years old , emerging from the shadows of the fierce chola dynasty, which is still the most celebrated kingdom among the three great Tamil kingdoms – the Cholas, Cheras and Pandyas. These kingdoms ruled over present-day Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Sri Lanka. Born into a lineage renowned for it's successful warfare strategies and architectural wonders like the Brihadeeswarar Temple in Thanjavur, known to be way ahead of it's time, It's now Rajendra’s duty to carry the rich legacy of his forefathers.

Expenditure and leadership
Rajendra chola l
Rajendra Chola I

Rajendra Chola, took charge of the Chola empire in 1014, being known for his powerful naval fleet, he managed to maximize the maritime trade routes that still thrives during his powerful reign. As a young man, he first set sail to Srivijaya for his first expedition, and that was just the beginning.

Rajendra Chola was really intelligent when it came to business, which played a significant role in the growth of his kingdom. He made sure to actively establish diplomatic relations with other trading nations, working out favorable trade deals and keeping the flow in good hands.

He also invested heavily in infrastructure development, building ports, canals, and roads to facilitate trade and commerce. He also embraced various cultures which made him a likable king.

Raja Raja Chola, Rajendra Chola’s father made a momentous achievement by conquering Sri Lanka, which expanded the Chola empire.

Following in his father's footsteps, Rajendra Chola embarked on a series of successful campaigns, further expanding the boundaries of the Chola empire. He not only solidified Chola rule in Sri Lanka but also conquered Kedah, the Ganges Delta region, and parts of Malaysia.


His armor, precisely crafted in three layers of resplendent gold, which symbolizes both strength and brilliance. At his side rests a sword, its design inspired by ancient inscriptions, crafted into existence by skilled blacksmiths. His attire portrays luxury and royalty—made with fine silk draped gracefully, complemented by the regal dhoti that marks his distinguished presence. A crown, styled in pure gold, bears the symbol of "niyanak kann," a testament to his lineage and authority.


With a bow carved from Indian timber wood, Rajendra Chola's weapon is versatile, featuring arrows that unleash an endless of forces – from whisky arrows to poison, fire, and standard arrows – a reflection of his strategic excellence. As for his sword its swiftnesst can cut through the air. It's blade can be welded into two modes one for a strong attack which swings longer, delivering powerful blows and one for a lighter attack which is short and quick.

In-Game Spotlight

Immerse yourself in Rajendra Chola’s journey, who is 18 years old going on his first expedition to Srivijaya, witnessing authentic sword fights and strategic warfare as he maneuvers through strange territories, crafting alliances, and shaping his kingdom's destiny. Experience the charisma, intelligence, and bravery of a young monarch destined for greatness.

Crafting chola : from sketch to hero - A note from the artist.
Sudharshan from Ayelet Studio working on the Character Design

"My journey as a game artist wasn't just about creating models. It was about setting standards and pouring my heart into crafting characters and worlds that resonate with players.

The honor to craft Chola as a character, with revolutionary significance in Tamil culture was a deeply rewarding experience. From concept to completion, At every stage, I poured my heart into this journey, driven by my love for storytelling and designing games" - Sudharshan

Bringing Chola to life was a wild ride from figuring out the pipelines, making sure that the character clicks well with players and making a consistent design wasn't easy, but each challenge made Chola even cooler and helped me grow as an artist.

Every stroke of the brush, every polygon created, and every textured baked is a testament to your journey. Embrace tough times. That's when your creativity grows, making your art deeper.

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